Below is our video to help you to add IP cameras to our Network Video Recorders and Digital Video Recorders.

The NVR models our video below relates to are X2R4N, X2R8N, X2R16N and X2R32N however the set up process also applies to the X2R32EN Non-POE NVR and our Hybrid IP/AHD DVRs, for those models use the Indirect Connection method.


The Xvision range of NVRs come with built in POE switches, this means a single cable connection is all that is required to power and connect a camera. This is a direct connection.

The NVR can also connect to network connected IP cameras that are not directly connected to the NVR, they could be connected directly to a POE switch or router, or via a standard network point,  these are Indirect or Non-direct connections.

The video above shows how to add both direct and indirectly connected cameras as well as a mix of both.

It also shows a couple of simple fixes if the image doesn’t appear after adding cameras.

Note: Some of the sequences have been sped up for the sake of your boredom, please be patient when adding cameras, it can take up to 1 minute to search and add.

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